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Pucho Brown: 'Soul Brother' Number One

By Published: October 12, 2004

AAJ: Are you playing somewhere in New York these days?

HPB: Yeah, we're getting ready to go into Cecil's Jazz Club in October and then we're going into S.O.B.'s, then we're going into 6-6-6, a jazz club out in Brooklyn.

AAJ: Are you going to tour more broadly around the release of The Hideout?

HPB: If they set me up work, I'll tour. I'll do it. The record companies, they really don't do nothing for you today. A long time ago record companies used to do something for you. They don't do nothing for you today. Like I said, it's very hard, you got a manager?I'm a goldfish swimming with sharks.

I'll be 66 in November. I've been around, and I've been around . I've been all over the world. The Jungle Strut album was on a Japanese label, Lexington Records. The Japanese own that, they brought me to Japan for the record, and we did pretty good. I've been around. At this stage of my life, I can still make pretty good music.

When I listen to other cats, what they're laying down today, it's all right. It don't knock me out. I'm an old-timer. I like the mambo. All this salsa stuff, that's the new bag. It don't knock me out. All the things that the cats are playing are all right...

You don't have to do no benefit for me. I'm all right. I got a couple of dollars in my pocket. I got a couple of Cadillacs in the driveway. Got a swimming pool in my backyard. Got me a nice big home. So, I don't give a hell. I'm all right. And a lot of cats have been around and they don't have what I got.

I recorded well over twenty CDs in my lifetime. I was just saying, I'm probably one of the last cats who is still with Fantasy, with Prestige. I wanted to ask them, how many cats are they recording today who they recorded back in the sixties and are still recording with the Prestige company?

AAJ: Sonny Rollins is still with Milestone.

HPB: Okay. That's about it. Well, I'm in good company. You can put that down: I said that if Sonny Rollins is still recording for the company like I am, I'm in good company.

I made the International Latin Hall of Fame, last year or year before last. I'm the second black. I'm behind Dizzy Gillespie. Dizzy Gillespie was the first black. And there's a lot of cats that's in that, you know, and there's a lot of cats playing that music - he was the only black. I am only the second African-American to win the award. So that's an honor, behind him.

I've done some achievements in my life, and I ain't finished yet. This album should do a lot because it's a hell of an album.

AAJ: Do you remember the first time you went into a recording studio?

HPB: I guess so. The first time?the really first time? The really first time. Oh, God. I guess that was back when we did the demo record for "Darin's Mambo," when we went into the studio for that.

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