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Confirmation: The 2004 Telluride Jazz Celebration

By Published: October 6, 2004

Part 12: Closing Show, Closing Thoughts

Just one night after the official closing to the festival, we (Licorice) had the distinct honor of playing the "last" show. Monday night, after three straight days and nights with some of the world's greatest musicians, we played Fly Me To The Moon. This time, Mike Dillon joined us for the night on Vibes and Percussion. From that stage, my perspective was so simplified. The music we created was fueled by inspiration. "Confirmation" was just a stepping stone, and Telluride was a giant step. We played for over three straight hours. It was music that emerged from the most sincere excitement, enjoyment, and respect for our influences. I knew that I had truly met one of the greats.

After my second year at the Telluride Jazz Celebration, I truly understood "it", a Confirmation. My time in this authentic Colorado mountain town has become more than weekends of music, but experiences that truly resonate. As I listened to drummer Lenny White eloquently speak about the world, his hope for the future of music and for jazz itself during the Sunday morning panel discussion, I was struck by the fact that his passion, even as a musician, was no more than the passion in the patrons, the festival crew, and the fans and supporters. Many of them stood up to voice their thoughts, opinions, and affections with White, Coryell and others during the discussion. Each person and vision represented a reaffirmation of purity and unity. They bred creativity and energy, which is essential for a functioning festival. Everyone felt it and expressed it, and in turn thrived off of it. That seems to be the essence of every Telluride Jazz Celebration, as it continues to grow as one of the most intimate and spectacular events in the country.

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