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Eddie Bert

By Published: October 2, 2004
A significant aspect of Eddie's career is his Broadway and television work. A mainstay in drummer Bobby Rosengarden's Dick Cavett TV show band, Bert also has appeared in the pit for multiple Broadway shows including Bye Bye Birdie, Golden Boy and he did a four year stint with Ain't Misbehavin. Eddie's most recent activities include playing with big bands led by Loren Schoenberg and George Gee. Schoenberg, when asked about Eddie summed it up as follows, "I've known Eddie for 25 years now. I've hired him. Everybody's hired him. His mind and his playing is sharper than ever. He's improving with age in every way." Eddie continues to maintain a busy schedule, appearing with Gee's Big Band September 27th at the Charlie Parker tribute concert held at Manhattan Center in the afternoon and then later that evening for a set at Birdland. In addition to the Brooklyn Paramount date, this month he begins a run with vocalist Bobby Short at the Carlysle Hotel. On Gee's 2004 Settin' the Pace (GJazz), Eddie is most at home and shows that his style, combining the smooth texture of swing with the technical mastery of bop, continues to play well in any era.

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