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Big Band Report

Recalling Another Solemn Occasion

By Published: September 4, 2004

New and Noteworthy

1. Janne Ersson Big Band, Live at the Stockholm Jazz Festival (Sittel)
2. Cal State University Long Beach, Studio One (CSULB)
3. Kit McClure Band, The Sweethearts Project (RedHot Records)
4. Howard University Jazz Ensemble, HUJE '03 (HUJE)
5. Gordon Lee and the Gleeful Big Band, Flying Dream (OA2)
6. Temple University Jazz Ensemble, Mean What You Say! (Sea Breeze Vista)
7. Beijbom / Kroner Big Band, Tango for Bad People (SSRC Jazz)
8. University of Kentucky Jazz Ensemble, Self-Contained (Sea Breeze Vista)
9. Ed Vezinho / Jim Ward Big Band, Blue Haired Mama (V-WBB)
10. Harry Arnold Big Band, 1964 / 1965, Vols. 1 and 2 (Dragon)
11. Lou Marini, Magic City Jazz Orchestra, Lou's Blues (Chase Music Group)
12. Tony Corbiscello Big Band, Real Time (Alanna)
13. Lars Jansson / Bohuslän Big Band, Temenos (Spice of Life)
14. George Stone & Friends, Music of Stewart "Dirk" Fischer (Sea Breeze)
15. Peter Brem Big Band, I Knew Orla Leans (MusicMecca)

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