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Changamire at GIFT: Part 2-3 - Changamire's Gift

By Published: September 5, 2004

The Last Day
I woke up Saturday morning around 10:45AM, fifteen minutes before the end of breakfast. I shook Tati to wake her, but she decided to sleep in. I called Clifton, and he decided to sleep in, too. So, I washed up and threw on some clothes and raced to the hotel restaurant.

Again, our sweet waitress attended my table. I reminded her that I wanted her to come to my performance in the hotel that evening. She said she could not, but I insisted and she complied. Then, I told her that the silver ring on her finger was very pretty. Without hesitation, she took it off, extended her arm, and said, "For you." I couldn't believe it yet could have cried behind the gesture. I took the ring because I really loved her spirit ever since our initial encounter, and I saw this as a way of keeping a part of her with me. But I could not let the gesture go unrewarded. I finished eating, dashed for the door, and told her I would be right back. I returned with a gift bag from SJ's Elegant Expressions with a Only Human CD in it and gave it to her. Her eyes were just as surprised as mine had been when she gave me the ring. Unfortunately, this was the last time I saw her, and I never asked her name.

Around 1:00 PM, Tati, Clifton and I left the hotel to check out an art gallery on the same street as the hotel. We got only a few feet away when we saw a gift shop window, filled with art and handicrafts. We went in and saw paintings, textiles, handmade jewelry, ceramics, books, and horn sculptures. We practically bought some of everything. I had fulfilled all of my gift needs and wanted to return to the hotel, but Clifton and Tati continued down the street looking for the art gallery.

Back in my room, I began packing my suitcase and practicing vocal scales for the evening show. As I finished packing, Tati returned and went to sleep. She was so tired. I believe we all still had not gotten over jet lag, in addition to hanging out late hours. At 6:00, Clifton and I had a sound check for the evening's performance. The restaurant was set up theater style, with a tall, gothic candelabra placed next to the shiny, black grand piano. We sang through a song or two and made adjustments. The wait staff watched and listened as we rehearsed. Andro of Shadow Productions told us to return at 8:30 to perform. He showed us where to wait for his call to enter the restaurant.

On to Part 3 ...

Changamiré can be reached through her website at . The multimedia, full-length story about her experience in Tbilisi is also posted there.

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