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Willem Breuker

By Published: September 17, 2004
WB: But it's so normal. People are jealous these days—"I want to solo, fuck off you." It's the best thing on a small stage, just kick them in the ass. It's like how little children think. We sometimes give concerts for little children and we do very naughty things—the children love it because that's the things they want to do at home and they do it at home but they were always punished for it. But if you see old idiots like us doing it on stage, it's fantastic. And we take it seriously. And we take them seriously. We are not standing there so you have to listen to us, "this is the truth and you have to keep your mouth shut," not at all. We are just one community and that's nice. So all these little things, they are not written down, "okay you kick him from the stage and you take a solo," that's the situation that happens in a certain moment, maybe because the stage was too small or the music stands fell or you break your neck over a microphone cord, whatever. There's always something happening and that's very interesting to me—looking at people and how they react to what you're doing on stage.

AAJ: Do you spend more time writing music or practicing instruments?

WB: I never practice the instrument. Most of the time all my instruments are in the office. You have to fight with an instrument, that's also important. If you play a reed instrument, no reed is the same. It's not like a trumpet where you always have the same mouthpiece but your lips are maybe different every day. Reed instruments are completely different; it is like another person, or another dead body'you have to put life into it. So you practice with the instrument that way, he is your enemy at a certain moment.

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