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A Night at the 55 Bar | January 9, 2002

By Published: March 8, 2004
Beginning again in the darker realms, Binney’s sampler spilling raucous verse in the Key of C, once again Lefebvre and Carlock began to move much to the delight of Uri Caine who began to get aggressive, leading the band through a whirlwind of hypnotic anarchy. Guitarist Adam Rogers doubled the bass lines adding much depth and as the band dropped the overall volume, he tore into the air as previously mentioned, bringing quite an applause from the 55-Bar patrons. A brief but much needed set break for both musicians and listeners allowed both parties to gather themselves and figure out what had just happened. But we had little thinking to do because we all knew what it was, electricity. Set two got off on a bit of dub feel, a bit more mellow but as finely tuned as all the playing previous. More space given to the horn section, but mostly the fit was quite the same as the first, a perfect molding of musicians, a blending of consciousnesses on path toward worlds of tranquility and chaos in equal balance.

Amalgamating voice and style of generations and worlds of the earthly and the outer cosmos, this gathering of great musicians and minds exemplifies progression while possessing the ingredients of an introspective journey. As each musician has developed their own voice they sustain the Words of a great past, building upon the legacy of legends, writing their names beside those they have honored through their expression. And the story continues...

David Binney - Alto Saxophone, Sampler Chris Potter - Tenor Saxophone Uri Caine - Electric Piano Adam Rogers - Guitar Scott Colley - Acoustic Bass Tim Lefebvre - Electric Bass Keith Carlock - Drums

Licensed with permission from Copyright © 2001 JamBase and Robert Krevolin.

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