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Uri Caine

By Published: March 8, 2004
After an hour or so of what essentially amounted to a creative, dynamic jam session, the three musicians retired from the stage. The enthusiastic response of the crowd was not enough to convince them to return for an encore, so the audience capitulated and quieted down. The young people in the room engaged in quiet conversation and gradually appreciated the depth of the interaction that had just taken place. One had the sense that Caine's trio could be one crucial notch more high-flying and brilliant if he just chose another bassist. But as it was, the performance provoked plenty of interest and enthusiasm from an eager audience. And most importantly, the musicians definitely had fun on stage, which can be thoroughly infectious in an intimate context like Tonic.

Twenty minutes later, somewhat spent and thoroughly satiated, we stepped back out of the shelter of the club into the blistering night air. At this point we decided to give up on public transportation, and took a quick cab ride back to the garage where our trip home was parked. Our Saturday in the City provided just enough adventure, discovery, and artistic indulgence to keep us awake until our 3am return home on the morning of Christmas eve. We slept soundly once we arrived at the warmth and safety of home.

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