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By Published: March 4, 2004
  • DeParis: Sidney (tp & tuba & voc) and brother Wilbur (tb & leader)
  • Dial: Harry (dm & voc) and Harvey (tp) were brothers
  • Dixon: Joseph "Joe" (cl & sax) and Gus (tb) were brothers
  • Dodds: Warren "Baby" (dm) and his older brother Johnny (cl) were related to the Robichaux-family
  • Dodgion: Dorothy "Dotty" - née Giaimo - (dm & voc) and Jerry (ss & as & fl) are a couple
  • Dukoff: Bob (ts) was married to singer Ann Boyer
  • Doky: Christian (b) and his brother Niels (p) from Denmark
  • Dominique: Anatie "Natty" (co) was the uncle of Don Albert (tp) and the cousin of Barney Bigard (cl & ts)
  • Donald: Barbara Kay (tp & voc & sax & tb & leader) married the Norwegian piano-player Ole Calmeyer and is the wife of Sonny Simmons (as)
  • Donaldson: drummer Robert Stanley "Bobby" was the younger brother of the musical director of the Fats Waller-Show Don
  • Donato: Michael Andre (b & p) is the son of Ronald (ts) and the nephew of Marice (p)
  • Dorsey: Jimmy (cl & as) and the younger brother Tommy (tb)
  • Douglas: Tommy (leader), Roy, Bill and Buck (all sax & cl) were brothers
  • Dowd: St.Louis based bandleader Eva D. was the mother of Jimmy Forrest (ts)
  • Draper: Raymond Allen "Ray" (tuba) is the son of Barclay (tp)
  • Drew: Kenny and Kenny, Jr. (both on piano)
  • Driscoll: Reg (tp) is the father of singer Julie Tippetts
  • Drootin: russian-born Drummer Benjamin "Buzzy" Drootin is the older brother of Al(bert) (cl & leader)
  • DuCogne: Peter (sax & cl & cello), Adolphus (p), Albert (tp) and Earl (ts) were brothers
  • Dudek: Gerhard Rochus "Gerd" (ts & as & cl & fl & shennai) is the brother of Ossi (tp)
  • Dudziak: Urszula (voc) it the wife of Michal Urbaniak (viol & ts & leader)
  • Dulfer: Hans (ts) and his daughter Candy (as) from Netherlands
  • Dunn: Johnny (tp) was the brother-in-law of Floyd Campbell (dm)
  • Dupree: "Champion" Jack (p & voc) and his son Cornell (g)
  • Duran: Edward Lozano "Eddie" (g), Carlos (b) and Manual (p) were brothers
  • Durham: Eddie (tb & g & arr) was the most prominent of a large musical family: his brothers Joe (b), Allen (tb), Roosevelt (violin & p & g), Earl (p), Clyde (b) and Sylvester (p & organ) were professional musicians working probably mainly in Texas
  • Dutrey: Honoré (tb) was the younger brother of Peter (violin) and Sam sr. (cl) and the uncle of Sam jr. (cl & sax)
  • Dworzak: composer Antonin was the great-uncle of Axel Melhardt (voc & list maker)
  • Edwards: Sumner Leslie "King" (b & tuba) was the brother of Maceo (tp)
  • Ehmsen: Udo (bjo & g & tp) is the cousin of Thomas Nell (tp)
  • Ehrenreich:40-years bigband-leader Teddy (cl & as) with his son Alex (ts)
  • Eldridge: Roy David "Little Jazz" (tp & voc) and his older brother Joseph "Joe" (as) - they were the cousins of Reunald Jones (tp)
  • Elgart: The brothers Les (tp) & Larry (as) were both bandleaders
  • Elias: brasilian piano-player Eliane married Randy Brecker (tp)
  • Ellington: Edward "Duke" (p & leader) and son Mercer (tp & leader) and grandsons Paul Mercer (leader) and Edward II (g)
  • Ellis: Seger (p & voc) was marrried to singer Irene Taylor
  • Ertegun: the turkish-born brothers Ahmet & Nesuhi were both important jazz-record-producers
  • Ervin: Telleferro II "Booker" (ts) was the son of Telleferro I (tb) who played with Buddy Tate
  • Erwin: George "Pee Wee" (tp) was the son of James O. (tp)
  • Erwing: Harris (sax), Jim (p & leader) and Chester (g) were the key-members of the "Erwing Brothers Band" from Alabama
  • Escovedo: Pete (sax & vibes & perc), his younger brothers Coke (perc) and Phil (b), his wife Juanita (voc) and his children Sheila (perc) & Peter Michael (perc) and Zina (voc)
  • Eskelin: Ellery (ts) is the son of hammond organist Bobbie Lee
  • Etienne: reed-player Thomas l'Etienne is married to New Orleans singer Lillian Boutté
  • Eubanks: Duane (tp) and his brothers Robin (tb) and Kevin (g) are the nephews auf the Bryant-brothers
  • Ewell: Donald Tynan "Don" (p) and Ed Lynch (tb) were brothers
  • Farmer: the great Art (tp & flugelhorn & flumpet) was the twin-brother of Addison (b) and the father of Georgie (b)

  • Farrow: Ernie (b) is the brother of Alice Coltrane (p & harp & organ)
  • Fasteau: Zusaan (voc & cello & non-western-instruments) is the wife of Donald Garrett (b & reeds & bamboo-fl)
  • Fazola: Irving Henry - real name: Prestopnik - (cl & sax) was the brother-in-law of Joe Rotis (tb)
  • Feather: Lorraine (voc) is the daughter of Leonard (p & critic)
  • Feldman: Mark (violin) and Sylvie Courvoisier (p & prepared p) are a couple
  • Feldman: Victor (vibes & p & dm & arr) was the son-in-law of Fidgy McGrath (p & arr)

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