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African Jazz

Old World/New World

By Published: February 12, 2003

Personnel: Jordan McLean: first trumpet; Anda Szilagyi, Todd Simon: trumpets; Micheal Herbst: tenor saxophone; Martin Perna: baritone saxophone; Stuart Bogie: alto saxophone; Aaron Johnson: trombone; Mike Wagner: trombone; Ernesto Abreau: lead conguero; Fernando Velez: congas, percussion; Duke Amayo: vocals, congas, percussion; Phil Ballman: drum set; Giancarlo Luiggi: shekere; Dylan Fusillo: sticks, percussion, drum set; Del Sribling: bass; Gabriel Roth: guitar; Luke O'Malley: guitar; Victor Axelrod: keyboards.

Ghana: High-Life And Other Popular Music

Tracks: Sugar Soup; Down the Congo; Saturday Night; Drum Festival; Concomba; Beyond Africa; Congo Beat; Echoes of the African Forest; Bus Conductor; Ebony; Kenya Sunset; Awuben; Akudonno.

Personnel: Saka Acquaye: drums, flute, and tenor saxophone; Garvine Masseaux: vibes & drums; George Brooks: double-bass; Edward Cooper: trumpet and mellophone; Wilfred Letman: trumpet; Charles Earland: tenor saxophone; Walter Miller: guitar; Robert Crowder, Joseph Acquaye, Benny Parkes, Sunny Morgan: drums.

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