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A Fireside Chat With Dave Douglas (2004)

By Published: February 25, 2004
AAJ: And the future?

DD: I will be on the West Coast in May. I didn't go into this album thinking I would have a working band. Bill is much to busy as a leader to be doing that. Some of the guys in the quintet are almost to busy to be doing it, but thank God, they are able to be on the tour. I am really looking forward to it. Last year, this clarinetist from France named Louis Sclavis came as a special guest and so I recorded something with him that will come out in the middle of 2004. I'm working on a new electronic record and trying to teach myself the computer language that I would need to do that. It is a long process, but sometime at the end of next year, there will be a follow up to Freak In. I want to go further into that, not in a rock and roll, commercial sense, but in a creative music way and see how technology can interact and create something.

AAJ: New Year's wishes?

DD: I'm getting married in 2004 and moving. I am trying to make time to do all of that properly for myself. For the world, I think people know how I feel about the government in Washington. So I hope that people are better interested in creative music and also interested in creative government and help make changes.

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