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Bob Baldwin - A440 Musician

By Published: February 28, 2004
2003 - Baldwin teams up with R&B crooner Freddie Jackson and produces his new single, "Natural Thing", in anticipation of a Spring 2004 release. He also signs to A440 Music and travels to Rio De Janeiro and Ipanema in Brazil to commences his upcoming recording and gains a better understanding of Bossa Nova, Samba, Partido Alto and Choro styles. "The Way She Looked At Me" was the 9th most played song in the Contemporary Jazz Format for the entire year. He features Jeff Kashiwa, Doc Powell, Phil Perry and Chieli Minucci on the BB and Friends Tour Package.

2004 - Baldwin makes his debut on the A440 Music Group Label and releases new and 8th CD, "Brazil Chill", where he fuses Brazil with Contemporary Jazz. Features Cafe, Torcquato Mariano, Azimuth and Leo Gandleman. He also teams up with Saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa, who also makes an appearance on the new CD. The overflow of music creates 2 CDs, one to be released in March 2004 with the follow-up in June of 2004.

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