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A Fireside Chat with Wolfgang Fuchs

By Published: February 21, 2004

AAJ: Having frequently played solo performances, apart from the obvious, what are the challenges of playing without the luxury of other musicians?

WF: That is a good question. To play solo, it also has to do with communication. You can do it in a very direct way to the audience. The thing is to find a way to play solo, that you are not only playing solo because you cannot do like you are playing in trio and do the same stuff that you do for all of the years. It is again, for me, a question of the material that I have to work with to find out what is necessary to do and what has to be done. This, I think, when you are alone on stage playing solo, is the best way to do it to find out because you have nobody else. The members of the group are not there. You're mother is not there (laughing). You are alone, so you have to do something that is necessary of this moment.

AAJ: Utilizing electronics is cache of late, but that was not the case when you and a very select few like Paul Lytton were doing it decades ago.

WF: I started in the beginning of the Eighties together with Georg Katzer, the East German composer and also live electronic player. For me, it was very interesting in the sounds and these incredible sounds that they could produce. We played and we played a lot together. People liked it. Of course, I have always met people who say that they like the pure sound of the instrument. Me too, but people like it. In Europe, especially in Germany and Berlin, in certain clubs, you only can play when you work with electronics. This is, I think, a stupid thing because it is easy to go into a shop and buy some stuff and do electronic things. People like it and think it is new, but it is not new, but they don't know the works of other players. In the beginning of the Eighties, the only electronics thing I knew was the great Anthony Braxton together with Richard Teitelbaum. This was the only thing I had heard until then.

AAJ: And the future?

WF: I plan the next solo CD. Yesterday, we recorded at the Capitol Studios, which was a nice experience together in trio with Stephen Flinn and Jeremy Drake. I played on the festival with this trio and yesterday, we recorded here and maybe they will bring it out. I don't know. My other planning is my next solo CD and hopefully, this project of the King 'b' at the meeting in November.

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