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A Fireside Chat with Kahil El'Zabar

By Published: February 21, 2004

AAJ: How far along is the venture?

KE: Well, we have been here for about six months and we're building up the space. It is a 5,300 square foot space and it can hold about a thousand people. Adjacent to it is a 6,000 rooftop in the center of downtown with the skyline of Chicago. It is the top floor of the building. We have had a couple of events in the raw with the space. We hope to be in full motion by the end of August around the time of the Chicago Jazz Festival.

AAJ: How can the general public support the music?

KE: I think the most important way to support the music, Fred, is to actually participate by coming out to live performances and also supporting the ability to promote that. It is not just about the artists or the promoter or the gallery space or the club doing it. The public has to realize that in a sense we are being starved by not taking the responsibility to demand what we want on the radio, to come out to events and say these are the kinds of things that we want to share and experience, and so we need an interactive community that realizes that there is an unfair void that only through our own responsibility can we fulfill.

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