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Charlie Haden: An Analog Guy in a Digital World

By Published: March 1, 2004
CH: Yeah, well it’s about the music inside you, not the instrument you’re playing. Once you realize that the music doesn’t belong to you, then you realize that it does. It doesn’t belong to you until you see that it doesn’t. So, when you’re in the act of creating and touching music, then and only then do you realize your insignificance to the universe. And as soon as you realize your insignificance, and that you’re unimportant, then you can see your true significance.

AAJ: And maybe only realizable in a creative context such as improvising with people, when you have that unified thing with people who are all simultaneously playing together.

CH: Yeah, but it’s difficult to think in terms of people playing together. First you have to think about it in terms of playing yourself, then in terms of seeking out someone who feels the same way that you do about music.

AAJ: Well, I think you’ve covered all the bases and more. Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers?

CH: You can tell them I’m just an analogue guy in a digital world.

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