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David Sanchez and His Universe

By Published: March 1, 2004
AAJ: Influences the same as for your horn? Latin jazz, mainstream?

DS: All that stuff.

AAJ: Classical at all?

DS: Oh yeah. There was a time I was into - not so much now - but Stravinsky, or Debussy or Ravel. Different things all the time. Everything. Bach. The suites. All that is in there.

AAJ: What place does jazz have on the whole world scene. Do you tour Europe much?

DS: I used to do it more before than Now. I do it maybe twice a year. The economy ha changed a lot. People definitely still like it. I guess some people , who are not the regular people, decide what is going to be in and what is going to be out. That doesn't always necessarily have to do with the regular people. As a matter o fact, we're heading to Europe in a couple of weeks and I'll be there for three weeks. When I come back. We'll be touring some more of the states.

AAJ: Any new projects?

DS: I am putting a project together, but I don't know exactly what it's going to be, so I don't want to say too much about it.. It's going to be like a different thing for the first time in years, something that is not my band. I'm still thinking of what's it's going to be and I'm approaching different people. But it's still a little far away from reality, so it's better not to mention it.

I can't complain. Any time you have a chance to play some music, and they give you cash. You go home- hey, that's great, I think. It's enough for me.

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