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A Fireside Chat With Joe Morris

By Published: February 14, 2003

Like I said, Fred, I don't take myself that seriously, and when the music takes itself that seriously, it gets old and it gets boring. I like this stuff because it is exciting. I still listen to records all the time. I put on Sonny Rollins records and Jimmy Lyons records and Henry Threadgill records. I listen to them all the time. I just want to get to where I can do something that is as good as all this stuff I like. So I am working on it.

FJ: Yet another reason to lament living in Southern California.

JM: Well, you have to come east sometime, Fred. This whole thing is such a tiny little world. There is a lot of smart people in it with a lot of big ideas, but it is just a tiny little world of aficionados. We just have to figure out how to all get together. Somebody has got to organize an actual festival in California that brings the people out, just like people have done in New York. Once a year, everybody gets out there and gets a gig so everybody on the West Coast can hear everybody. I try to tour out there, but there is just no money. I can fill the dates, but by the time I look at the whole thing, it is a week away from home without making any money. I would rather play down the street for my friends and come home. It just makes more sense. Eventually, it will happen because I don't plan on giving up at any point. I'm sticking with it.

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