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2004 International Association for Jazz Education Conference

By Published: January 3, 2004
The convention will also reach out into the regular New York City scene. The Iridium will host late night jam sessions presented by Dreyfus Jazz and with featured artists including Robin Eubanks, Jean Michel Pilc, Bobby Sanabria and Bobby Watson. Other clubs also gear up. Jazz Gallery director Dale Fitzgerald notes, "The convention brings more professional and aspiring professional jazz people together than any other single event in the year; and because it's taking place just up the street from us, we have to take notice of it. We have chosen to book four nights of music that, taken together are a good representation of what it is we are best known for doing: promoting the talents of young musicians just now emerging into public awareness (in this case, Jaleel Shaw; John Ellis; Robert Glasper and Dafnis Prieto). Though the convention itself generates enough activities to keep most conventioneers occupied within the convention center itself, anyone in their right mind attending knows that they need to make forays into the city's established jazz rooms to catch the flavor; with these bands, we'll be ready for them." The rest of the city’s jazz community will be, too.

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