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April Fool's Reviews & Articles

Jazz Musicians with Eccentricities

Larry Fine Meets Stuff Smith: Fine Stuff by Larry Fine
Teens Turn to Jazz As Popular Music Continues to Suck
New Horizons by Elton John & Lady Gaga

New CD Promises Jazz from Beyond

Pepsi Claims Jazz, Issues Cease and Desist
Every Night At Birdland: The Lost Introductions by Pee Wee Marquette
The Lost Piano Session by Hermann Goring
Jazz Critics Gone Wild, Volume 1
Blue Lights for the White House
The Sky Is Blue by Buddy Bolden
Chasin' the Hits by Chase Utley
Salute Ella & Louis by Rickie Lee Jones & Tom Waits
An Immusical Journey by The Free Jazz Heptakaidectet
Circus Money Outtakes by Walter Becker
Nocturnal Mission by Fourplay

Hy Perbole's Astonishingly Incomparable Superstars: Platinum-Plated Gold
Live From Noah's Ark: The Complete Recordings by Various Critters
Both Ends Now by The Heads and Tails Quartet
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz with Frank Zappa
The John Coltrane Quartet Plays The Sound Of Music by John Coltrane
Autumn Leaves: The Lost Vocal Session by Paul Desmond
Do You Feel Lucky? by Clint Eastwood
Brothers, Let Us Prey by Auntie Occident & The Free Radicals
El Hombre by Pat Martino
Used to be Texas Blues by G.B. Walmarketeer
The Jazz Side of Taylor Hicks by Taylor Hicks
This Bud's For You by John Tesh
Tonight at Noon by Jane Monheit
The Killer Plays Boogie Woogie Classics by Meade Lux Lewis by Jerry Lee Lewis
Five Gentlemen of the Guitar by Derek Bailey, Keiji Haino, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana

Miles Davis: Miles in Berlin
Body and Soul Remixed! by Coleman Hawkins
Back Of My Hand by Tempus Fugit
Monk Meets the Beatles by Thelonious Monk
'Bone Madonna by Madonna
Me and Mr. Johnson by Jimmy Smith
Streetwalkin' Blues by The Jive-Ass All-Stars
Bridgeleap Plays the Albert Ayler Songbook by Bridgeleap
My Darker Moods by Regis Philbin
Not So Lady Sings the Blues by Lil' Kim
Mahogany Hall Teeth by Scrote Bradshaw's Creole Marmalade
Dirty, Dirty, Dirty... George Plays Jelly Roll by George Winston
Satan Swings Baby and Thats the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But by Sammy Davis Jr.
Velvet Horn by Bob Almond
Rod Stewart: Just One of Those Things: Rod Stewart Salutes Mel Torme by Rod Stewart

Exposing the Cover Story Behind the Classics
Round About Lunchtime: The Complete Columbia Cafeteria Recordings 1955-85 by Miles Davis
Swings Krautland by David Hasselhoff
Alone Together by George W. Bush & Friends Swing Broadway and Hollywood
Has Never Eaten of the Whimpering Kiss My Only Dogs Collar Return by Jim Belushi
Michael Bolton Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook by Michael Bolton
Good Spirits: Harvey Limburger Plays New Music from Dizzy Gillespie by Dizzy Gillespie via Harvey Limburger
Lush Life by Michael Jackson
Days of Wine and Roses: Miles and Bird Remixed by Abdul Malik
Robotic Jazz Funk by DJ I-Bot and Proto-Jazz-One
A Tribute to Art Tatum by Yanni
Is it random or is it Memorex? Landmark ruling may make all online music sharing 'legal'
The Lost Wave
A Far-Out Concert Among the Stars

Saggy by The Boobs Trio
The 2004 Election Blues Session by Bill Clinton and Wynton Marsalis
The Jazz Soul of P.D.Q. Bach by Pat Metheny / Kenny G
The Lost Duck Tapes by Curly "Duck" Flebber
A New Trip - Dylan Sings Jazz! by Bob Dylan
Cheek to Cheek: Ellis Leahy Sings Sinatra by Ellis Leahy
A Flower for Feldman by William Parker & The Ohnedaruth String Quartet
Rumble in the Bronx by Didgeridoo
One Eye Open, the Other One Closed by Noah Howard
Bossa Nova Bitchslap! by Music Association of Detroit
Kinds of 'do: The Story of Miles Davis' Hair
Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Wife

North Coastin' by Herb Gauleiter Octet
Crusader Stomp by Octagon Eightette
Remembering Heidi by Marques Tuiasosopo Sextet
Channeling Adorno on Jazz by Hoffman/Alicea/Vicuta
The Peace Album by The Taubes
Pale Blues A La Dimuendo by Norbert Gundersen
The Mists Of New England by Janice Grossman
Bix and Pops Lost Cannabis Sessions by Bix Beiderbecke
Hear Me Yell! by FBVD
Embouchure Of Doom by Mike Metheny
Tsunami by Aqualung
Ode to Myself by Bart Hofnagel
Subcutaneous by Ruth and the Colettes
In The Habit by Sisters of Swing
Sinatra at the Sands by Frank Sinatra with The Count Basie Orchestra
Round 1: Jazz From the School of Hard Knock Outs by Mike Tyson
The Penny Whistle Tapes by John Coltrane
The Palestine Sessions by Muslim Holiday
Marsalis Plays Bolden: The 'Lost Napkin' Suite by Wynton Marsalis And The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Kicking the Habit by Sisters of Swing
Hidden Meanings of Jazz

G Mingus by Charles Mingus & Kenny G